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We Are Your Austin Sprinkler Repair And Installation Specialists

When you’re living in Central Texas, having a healthy green lawn can be difficult to say the least. In times of extended dry weather it’s critical for your lawns and flower beds to receive adequate water from a sprinkler system.  If your sprinklers aren’t working properly for whatever reason, that’s when you need the best Austin sprinkler repair company in town.
At Ace Irrigation Solutions we strive to maintain a level of service second to none. We do this by treating our customer’s problems as our top priority and addressing their questions with expertise backed by years of experience. Whether it be a simple sprinkler repair like the replacement of a broken head, to the modification of an existing sprinkler system to drip irrigation, we have the knowledge, expertise, and skills to help you. We approach each job with careful attention to detail and you have our full 1 year warranty to back that up.

Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance Keeps Your Landscape Looking Good And Your Water Bill From Getting Out of Control

When it comes to sprinkler repairs there is nothing we can’t fix. From a broken valve run over by a tour bus, to a pinched ribbon on a Hunter Pro-C controller causing a zone to stay on, we’ve seen and fixed them all.
One of our repairman went out to Hays County on a sprinkler repair call at a wedding venue in Wimberly. The customer reported needing a repair on a broken valve. When our repairman arrived to assess the situation he found that the entire area around the valve had been smashed by a tour bus. After replacing all the broken pipes as well as the busted valve he went to test the repair and found that there was very little water pressure on the repaired zone. He went searching for a break in a water line as that’s usually the first thing to look for when there’s lower than normal pressure.  He quickly came across a huge break in the mainline feeding all the different zones. He turned off the water, and then fixed the break. He then proceeded to go through all 32 zones, fixing everything that needed attention including broken sprinkler heads, cuts in the drip tubing, adjustment of nozzles, replacing rotors, etc. The moral of the story is, no matter the problem, if it’s sprinkler related we can fix it.

Modification of Existing Sprinkler Systems Is Our Specialty

We offer the modification of existing sprinklers to a more efficient system by converting the existing zones to drip irrigation wherever possible. A great example of this would be a flower bed that has conventional sprays which lose 30-50 percent of their output to evaporation. That’s a huge loss of water into the atmosphere due to wind, heat and other contributing factors. Using drip irrigation in this example would cut your water usage by at least 30 percent on that zone and puts the water on top of the roots where it’s needed most. Very few plants want or need water on their leaves as that promotes molds,  mildews, and other pathogens.

Free Quotes on New Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Installations

If it’s a new sprinkler installation you’re looking for we have up to date knowledge to deliver the most efficient irrigation systems available. From rotors to sprays, drip to micro irrigation, we have it all at our disposal. Give us a call for a free quote.

Xeriscape Irrigation Is The Ultimate In Water Conservation

Most xeriscapes require some irrigation during our long, hot and often dry Austin summers. If you have an existing xeriscape we can install a drip irrigation system with the latest in technology to get your landscape through the deepest periods of drought.

Years of Experience In Central Texas Austin Sprinkler Repair

Ace Irrigation Solutions has been doing business in Austin and Central Texas since 2010, and our owner Lee Ahlbrandt has been doing irrigation installations and sprinkler repair work for nearly two decades. Our years of experience have taught us many things but the most important lesson is that if we take care of our customers they’ll take care of us. A great number of our clients are repeat customers and we’ve built this business almost entirely from their referrals to friends and family. So, whether you’re looking for a quality sprinkler repair, a modification to a more efficient irrigation system, or a new sprinkler or drip system installed please call Ace Irrigation Solutions for all your sprinkler needs.