Xeriscape Landscapes Are As Stunning As They Are Efficient

Garden of plants that conserve water usage. Excellent choices for places like California and Arizona. Plants are barrel cactus,succulents,and grasses,with excellent use of gravel and rocks.
An example of a xeriscape that conserves water usage. An excellent choice for places like Central Texas. Plants include barrel cacti, aloes, a sotol, various species of palm trees and grasses with excellent uses of gravel and rocks.

Low Water Use Gardens

An attractive and highly water efficient yard begins with a good xeriscape design. The proper choice in plants and their placement in the landscape are two critical aspects of a beautiful yard. When you combine a xeric landscape design with a drip irrigation system you are setting yourself up for a low maintenance and highly water efficient landscape. Those two phrases do not have to translate into a dull or weedy yard. A properly xeriscaped yard can be dynamic and beautiful with the right knowledge. We can help with the design and installation or if you already have a design we can help find the plants and material for the installation. We can also help coordinate the delivery of plants and material and install the entire xeriscape.

Waterless Gardens

Should you choose a garden in your landscape that only relies upon on the rain, we have the plant knowledge to show you how to make good choices in the design of your landscape. Xeriscape yards are just one of our specialties. We’ve been installing xeriscapes in the Austin area for over 20 years and can assure you that we’ll install an attractive landscape.

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Stunning Simplicity Of A Xeriscaped Garden