Vines from Seed

Vines Vines Vines

It’s mid August and it’s been incredibly hot for about 6 weeks. As I sit here in my air conditioned house I’m staring out my window at the vines I planted this past spring from seed. I love combining vines so that you can get a mix of colorful displays such as the one pictured below. For those of you not familiar with the large white bloom it’s a Moonflower. Though planted in spring, it typically blooms in early fall. This vine has large fragrant white blooms that open in the cool of the evening and release their sweet aroma all night. By the time it starts to warm up the next day they’ve closed to let the other vines shine. These are mostly annual vines but there are perennial and evergreen vines that look great in the landscape as well. But this post is about vines from seed so I’ll recommend a couple more.
Nice combination of Moonflower vine, Black-eyed Susan vine, and Violet Morning Glory vine
Another vine I like is Coral Vine. It tolerates shade but does best in full sun. It can be aggressive so planting it in wild areas should be avoided. I’ve seen them get 10-15 feet tall and I really like planting them at the base of a tall palm tree. It’s relatively cold tolerant but in a hard freeze it will die back to its tubers.
Coral vine also known as Queens Wreath is a strong climber
Finally, I love Spanish Flag vine. Another vine planted from seed in the spring that blooms profusely in the fall. Just plant in a cluster or along a fence and let it do its thing.
Spanish Flag also known as Exotic Love vine puts on a magnificent show in the fall