Save Money All Year By Doing One Simple Thing On Your Controller

Save Money On Your Water Bill Yearly

Wastewater averaging is calculated mid-November through mid-March. Since there is no meter for the amount of wastewater you use the City of Austin uses the total amount of water used during the late fall and winter months as an estimate of your monthly wastewater use for the rest of the year. The logic is that since this is the time of year when most people have stopped using their sprinklers for their lawns and landscapes, the majority of water used will be in the form of wastewater. Since they put a cap on the amount you can be charged for wastewater based on this average it pays to shut off your irrigation system as early to mid-November as you can. Hold off turning it back on until mid-March and your water bill will be lower .

For more information here’s a link to the City of Austin: Wastewater Averaging