Thunder Dirt

Thunder Dirt By Austin’s Geo Growers Is Gardening Magic

When I first decided to start a backyard garden back in my 20’s I heard from a local plant nursery about this soil you could have delivered for your yard and garden called Thunder Dirt. One of the nurseryman assured me I could grow anything in it and it would make me look like I knew what I was doing. Sold! I ordered six cubic yards, built a vegetable garden for the first time in my life and by mid-summer I felt like an expert gardener. Big full tomatoes, giant watermelon, feeling pro.

As I’ve developed as a landscape and irrigation designer over the past 20 years I’ve come to rely on this incredible soil for every aspect of my business.

When we dig trenches for our irrigation pipes we back fill and cover the scars with thunder dirt so they heal quicker and evenly due to the excellent drainage qualities of the soil. When we install subsurface drip irrigation we use thunder dirt to cover the top 3 inches to form the perfect substrate for the plants to establish immediate root coverage.

Before we install any turf we prep and level the ground and then add 3 inches of thunder dirt and then install the turf on top. This creates a much more water efficient lawn and a much lusher denser lawn due to the qualities of this soil.Whether it’s a new installation of a landscape or a rehab of a less healthy landscape, we always bring in plenty of thunder dirt and usually end up hauling away the clay that is most often found in the landscape.

The results are immediate and last the lifetime of the landscape.
It all starts with the soil. I like to quote Chris Winslow of It’s About Thyme Nursery when he says “for every dime you spend on plants you should spend a dollar on good soil.”

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