Fast and Reliable Sprinkler Repair In Austin & Central Texas

We’ve been repairing sprinkler systems in the Austin area for many years and you can depend on us to have your irrigation system up and running quickly and efficiently. Our rates are very reasonable and all of our repairs comes with a 2 year warranty.
Whether you’ve got broken valves, a malfunctioning irrigation controller, damaged nozzles (usually do to an errant weedwacker), sprinkler nozzles requiring adjustments, or any kind of leak, we will sort out the problem and get your sprinklers repaired fast. We’ve done so many residential and commercial sprinkler repairs that by now, we’ve pretty much seen them all.
A break at an irrigation system T-joint. Very common unfortunately.
A break at an irrigation system’s T-joint. Very common unfortunately.
Three slip fixes later and this sprinkler line repair is complete.
Three slip-fixes later and this sprinkler line repair is complete.

Is Your Water Bill Too High?

If your water bill is high and you suspect it could be a leak somewhere, call us and we can come by to quickly determine if it’s a leak in your sprinkler system or not. If it turns out to be a leak in your sprinkler system we can track it down, repair it, and you can contest the bill with the City of Austin or whoever your water purveyor happens to be. You can use our invoice  as proof that there was a leak. If it turns out the leak is in your house somewhere, then obviously, you should call a plumber.


Broken irrigation line that needs repair
Move some rocks and expose the break

Repairs Include

Fixing Broken Sprinkler Heads
Adjustment of Sprinklers and Rotors
Raising or Lowering Sprinklers and Rotors
Unclogging Sprinkler and Rotor Nozzles
Valve Repair or Replacement
Fixing Broken PVC Pipes
Sprinkler Head Replacement
Locating Lost Valves
Replacing Controllers
Troubleshooting Electrical Problems
Installing and/or Replacing Backflow Preventor
Commercial or Residential Quarterly or Twice per Year Maintenance Check

Rates & Service Area

Our service call areas include Travis, Hayes, and Bastrop Counties. Most service calls are $135 per hour plus parts. This covers one hour’s worth of repair time. The rate after the first hour is $135/hour billed in quarter hour increments. Call today to schedule an appointment.