Consultations On New And Existing Irrigation Systems

Ready to get your sprinklers done right? We’re equally experienced at installing new, highly efficient irrigation systems as we are working with your existing sprinklers.

Considering installing a new sprinkler system?

Let our expert come meet with you and give you advice and guidance on a range of topics from the best use of conventional sprinklers to the latest drip irrigation technology where applicable. For new installations we’ll visit your property, take water pressure measurements, look at soil samples, take distance measurements, measure grade, and email you a price list for the irrigation options we recommend. We’ll also make note of any microclimates that exist around your property. What’s a microclimate? Most houses have one or more microclimates. A good example of a microclimate is where one side of the house gets sun most of the day where as the other side may get little to no sun. These would be two different zones requiring two different run times.

Let Us Dial In Your Existing Sprinkler System

For existing systems, we’ll visit your property and run through each of your sprinkler zones making notes of where improvements can be made and the amount of water that can be saved using our recommendations. Maybe you’re interested in converting your old sprinkler heads to drip irrigation in your flower beds. This can be done without digging up your beds. We simply dig up one or two of the old sprinkler heads, unscrew them at the base and screw on retro-fit heads that convert the zone to drip irrigation. We then run drip tubing around the existing plants and the rest of the heads in the bed are simply capped.
Turning spray sprinkler head
Turning spray rotor

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