Water Is Expensive

Leaks and Breaks

If you’ve got a leak of any kind with your sprinklers it’s costing you money. We can quickly assess the problem with your sprinkler system and get to work on it.


When it comes to designing a sprinkler system, our focus is to create systems that waste as little water on the lawns and in the landscapes as possible. We want the water our customers use to water their landscapes to remain in their yards and not go running down the sidewalks and into the streets. Think of it as drinking water that you’re paying for literally running down the drain. An efficient and properly designed irrigation system will save the customer money and reduce demand on our most precious resource.

Our Philosophy

Saving the planet, one drop of water at a time.
By properly designing and installing efficient irrigation systems we can greatly reduce the amount of water needed for our lawns and landscapes. With only one to two days per week currently being allowed in most of Central Texas for sprinkler use, it’s more important than ever that you hire professionals with 20 years experience to install them.

Our History

Ace Irrigation Solutions owner Lee Ahlbrandt first got interested in installing irrigation systems and creating landscapes while studying wildlife biology at Texas State University. His graduate work involved research on the endangered Houston toad in Bastrop and Lee counties.
“The idea of creating a beautiful landscape that simultaneously provides inviting habitats for people as well as urban wildlife first occurred to me while I was working on a habitat restoration project in southwest Travis County. That was back in 1996. Since then, I’ve been designing and installing landscapes and irrigation systems with the idea that the garden should function as an oasis for the overworked homeowner and to urban wildlife as well.”

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